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I had my first Sri Lankan Dinner Party Hosted by Ashad & Christina Dean and Catered by Karens Kitchen in Allen TX!

These are the items I cooked- Yellow Rice, Potato Vegetable, Fish Cutlets, Peppered Dry Pork, Brinjal Pahi, White Rice, Chicken Curry, Dhal, Pappadams, Beetroot sauted, Fish Pastries, Fried Rice, Noodles, Chicken Pastries, Lime Pickle, Chilli sauce, Peach & Pineapple cobbler, Milk toffees, Date Cake, Pine apple Fluff, Chocolate Loaf, Cherry cheesecake & Iced Coffee.
































































































Feel like curry tonight?

Karen’s Kitchen Ready Made Meals

Our meals are home made and frozen fresh so all you need to do is defrost, heat & serve! Perfect for the weekends or busy days when you have no time to cook.

The meals include delicious rice¬† with a vegetable curry, a meat, a sambal and an appetizer all packed together. Also¬†available is the Sri Lankan “Lamprais” special. A ready made meal which is wrapped in Banana leaves to infuse flavor and give you a real taste of Asian ethnic cuisine.