Message from the Cook


“Firstly, I thank God for the talents he has invested in me and I want to give my best to Him. I also want to thank God for a very supportive husband  who supports me 100% in whatever I do. Part of the proceeds of this business is going towards sponsoring projects with Trinity Church in Dallas and the Kalmat Foundation.  I Thank you in advance for all your support. I hope you enjoy my food and your taste bud’s become enlightened with the exotic spices and flavors of Sri Lanka!”

God  Bless

Karen Philip, founder and cook



About Karen

Born in Sri Lanka, Karen started to cook when she was nine years old. As a child she watched and absorbed with interest her mother’s cooking and later became a fantastic cook at a young age.  At the age of 16 her sister and herself would cook for a party of 10-15 people.
From the age of nine  Karen tried her hand at many things from flower making, scientific dress making, Hair Dressing & Beauty culture, crafts, Retail Clothing sales, jewelery making and selling Cosmetics for 2 major companies. She became very successful in all her ventures in Sri Lanka.
Karen cooks with a passion and she loves to try new things and be creative in the ingredients that she uses.


Karen lives in Dallas with her husband Davis and two sons, Jason & Sean.



KAREN’S KITCHEN – Home Made Meals

Phone: 469.363.8950



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