Meals To Go


Try these ready to eat meals and sample the best of Sri Lanka curry!


Instructions: Defrost, heat and eat! (Serves 1)(Minimum order 3 Meals of any One item)



Meal #1: $8.00

Includes: Yellow Rice, Potato Vegetable, 2 Cutlets, Egg Plant, Chicken Curry.




Meal #2: $10.00

Includes: Yellow Rice, Beef Curry, Ash Plantain Fried, & cooked Vegetable, Beans in Soy sauce, and 2 cutlets.





Meal #3:  $7.00 

Includes: White Rice, Potato Vegetable, Egg Plant, 2 cutlets, and Chicken Curry.


Meal #4:  $7.00

Includes: White Rice, Lentil Curry, Chicken Curry, Beetroot sautéed, and spicy develled Potatoes.




Meal #5: Traditional Dutch Meal “Lamprais” -  $12.00

Includes: Chicken & beef curry, prawn blachang (shrimp, coconut & spices), seeni sambol, fricasses (ground meat, fish and spices) & egg plant curry. (An egg can be added upon request.)

Served on Banana leaf and wrapped in foil, it can be frozen for 3-6 months. Thaw out 5-6 hrs prior to eating, remove foil and place packet on plate and warm in microwave for 2-3 minutes as required!


Noodle Meal #6: $8.00

Vermicelli Noodles, Potato Vegetable, Chicken Curry, Eggplant Moju, and 1 egg.


Noodle Meal #7:  $10.00

Chicken Noodles, Beef Curry, Potato Vegetable, Eggplant  and 1 egg.


Noodle Meal# 8: $10.00

Shrimp Noodles, Chicken Curry, Potato Vegetable, Egg Plant  and 1 egg.


Any meals with Goat: $12.00

Any meals with Fish: $10.00

Banana leaf wrap upon request for $1.00 extra.

Red Rice upon request for $1.00 extra.


 NOTE: Meals 1 to 8 can be delivered frozen or in takeaway boxes.